RV Life

A roof over put heads, food in our bellies and it’s better than a cardboard box

July 8, 2017 my phone rang. It was our landlord. He wanted to give us advanced notice they were getting divorced and she was going to be moving into the house we’ve lived in for 7 years. We had 30 days to move, but he’d work with us if we couldn’t find a place that quickly.  Happy retirement to my husband (July 1st) and Happy Birthday to me (July 9th). Fast forward a few days .. I get a call from their attorney. The landlords want to make sure they do everything correctly so he’s involved. A letter will be mailed stating we have until Aug 10th to vacate. If we don’t eviction proceedings would start. We aren’t to speak to the landlords directly from this point forward. Wow – that’s what I call working with us!

Let the scrambling begin! Packing, sorting for a yard sale, looking for a place to live. Searched online, newspapers, drove around, asked friends. The only thing we found in 2 weeks were a few 1 bedrooms they wouldn’t rent to 2 people. Any place that was expected didn’t allow pets. We had to make a decision within a few days and we were out of options.

I have a tendency to think outside of the box. At times, way outside. My brilliant idea …. buy a travel trailer to live in. My husband thought I was insane and quite frankly I started to wonder about myself. I told him we’d have a roof over out heads, food in our bellies and it’s better than a cardboard box. We’d also have our 3 cats and Beagle pup with us. With no other options, we drove to the local RV dealer to see what we could do. We had absolutely no idea what we were gettin into, but it was going to be an adventure.

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