RV Life

The Adventure Begins

In a 2018 Primetime Avenger ATI. It was certainly a relief to not be homeless, but a bit unsettling since we had no idea what RVs are all about.  Now that we have it, where are we going to park it? When I told my Mom what we did she immediately told me to park it at her place. She has 3 acres and can’t handle the work anymore.

At the end of July we had a 2 hour “how to use your new RV” course and we were sent on our way with our new home. Our adventure started with who’s going to tow this thing. Both of use are used to towing horse trailers, but the largest we’ve had attached was 20′. This was 33′ and weighed quite a bit more. It scared me and I bailed out of that job. An hour or so later our new home was parked at our new location. We had less than 2 weeks to be out of the house.

Mission accomplished! The 6 of us moved. The pup thought it was a great adventure. She had 3 acres to play on and oh so much to track. The cats were in shock. They went from a house with an upstairs to hang out all day to something they weren’t sure about. It was going to be a big adjustment, but we were together and we had a home.

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