RV Life


Although Greg retired as of July 1st, he still hadn’t had a chance to enjoy it. Trying to settle in, get the storage unit organized, helping my Mom, taking the dog for a daily walk. The plan was for him to be able to ride is horse every day and at that point we hadn’t seen the horses for almost 2 months.

It was early September. We’d been in the trailer for about a month.  Nights were getting cool enough to need a bit of heat. We noticed the heater ran and ran, but we were still chilly. I started to become concerned about wintering in this if we weren’t warm in the fall. We were beginning to think they sold us the wrong trailer. On top of this the plastic edging on the counter started to peel away. We saw the bedroom wall paneling pop and buckle. The siding on the outside was seperating. Our brand new trailer was falling apart after a month! After talking to several people that new RVs much better than we did, we knew the salesman sold us the wrong trailer.

I called the dealer and spoke to the sale manager. He agreed we were sold the wrong trailer. He told us to come up to see what we’d be interested in. The dealer took back the original trailer, gave us our money back and got us into a 5th wheel. It took awhile to put everything together, but we were the thrilled new owners of a 2012 Sydney by Outback 10th anniversary edition. They even delivered it at no extra cost since we don’t have a 5th wheel hitch.

Ugh … now we have to move all of our belongs, as well as 3 cats and a dog again. In record time we got the last few things out of the old trailer while the new one was being set up. Traumatized the critters by having them hand out in crates in the yard for awhile, but they’ll get over it.

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