RV Life

All The Comforts of Home

Closets! I can’t believe we have bedroom closets and drawers! I no longer have to stand on the bed to get my underwear out of a plastic bin that’s stored in the overhead cabinet. Of all the lovely upgrades in our new home, for some reason I was most thrilled with the bedroom closets and drawers.

Maple cabinets throughout; carpet in the living room, dining area and bedroom; a much larger kitchen; an almost real sized refrigerator; 3 slides and a fireplace. We couldn’t believe how beautiful and roomy it is. The putting away and organizing begins again. Once everything was done, we had so much space left we could have more of our things here. Off to storage for hangers, more clothes, kitchen/cooking things.

My “office” was in the back where the 2 recliners were. I had a nice sized area and everything was out of the way. The kitchen table from the house became my desk. I had room for the filing cabinet and printer. I bought an office chair. No more sitting on the uncomfortable dinette bench and having to switch to a bar stool/kitchen counter when my battery ran low.


I was sure organizing and making it “home would be an ongoing project. It’s so much more like a real home and not a camper. We’ve very happy with how things worked out.

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