RV Life

Camping Is One Thing…

But full time is an entirely different ballgame. As well built as the Outback is, it’s still not made for full time living. As we’d soon learn, a plethera of issues can crop up and it’s never at a good time.  This has been a huge learning curve for us. I joined numerous Facebook groups to learn as much as I could. Everybody has been very helpful.

A few weeks after moving in, we started having toilet issues. One of the first things I learned was you can never use too much water when flushing and the disasters that could follow if you don’t use enough. I think Greg was tired of hearing me tell him to use lots and lots of water every time he headed to the bathroom. I didn’t care how many times the septic guy had to come out, I didn’t want toilet issues. We lived in the other camper for 2 months without any issues so I was sure the issues we were having weren’t caused by us. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was there when we bought it considering the other issues we found in the trailer. Regardless of who, it seems like we had the dreaded “poop pyramid” and getting rid of it was going to be a huge problem. For several weeks we couldn’t use the toilet at all. Thankfully Mom was next door and she had a fully functional bathroom. Poor Greg was racking his brains trying to figure out new ways to clear the clog. He just couldn’t get a break. Someone on one of my forums suggested RidEx.  Several months later it’s still not 100%, but it’s functional. We have it down to a science now. Several times a week it gets snaked to loosen the clog, some boiling water and more RidEx.

I never used the oven in the other trailer. The stove heated the entire trailer up so badly I didn’t dare use the oven and I was enjoying using this one. I’d used it enough to overcome most of the challenges of a tiny propane oven. We were having Shake n Bake chicken for dinner. I lit the oven and there was a huge fireball at the back. I quickly turned it off and made sure everything went out. Fortunately it happened right before our 30 day warranty on propane appliances expired. The dealer was going to send someone out to fix it, but it wouldn’t be for a month.

Are the problems every going to end? How am I going to cook dinner every night with just a stove and microwave? And then it hit me that I wasn’t going to have an oven until after Thanksgiving.


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