RV Life

Uh Oh .. Winter Is Almost Here

Things were finally beginning to settle and we had some time to breathe. It suddenly hit me that winter was approaching fast and we weren’t fully prepared. Although we now have an enclosed, heated underbelly I wanted more protection against the potentially brutal Pennsylvania winter. If money wasn’t an issue we could have hired a company that does RV skirting and had it done quickly. We needed something that could be done in just a few weekends and wasn’t going to cost thousands of dollars. Then there was the insulation for behind the skirting, those things you stuff in the roof vents, a heated hose and what else did I miss? I looked for that money tree in the back yard, but couldn’t find it. I could have sworn it was there. My parents referred to it often when I was growing up. We’re living on the property I grew up on so it had to be somewhere. It must have died over the years.

Nights after work and dinner we’re spent researching materials, fasteners and reputable companies to purchase from. We decided on vinyl and Velcro. We decided on vinyl and velcro. I placed my order with Marine Vinyl and also ordered industrial grade Velcro. It took 2 full weekends to finish, but the skirting was on. And then it was coming off. The Velcro stuck to the trailer well, but wouldn’t stick to the fabric back of the vinyl. After trying numerous adhesives, Gorilla Constructive Adhesive worked.

We could feel the difference right away. It was much warmer, the drafts were gone, but it wasn’t quite warm enough for cold nights. Try to find more money for foam board. Another full weekend of measuring, cutting and trying to get it under the skirting. It certainly wasn’t the ideal way of doing it, but we didn’t have a choice. We had to do things as we got money. We planned on tucking the skirting under the foam board. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We need something inexpensive that’s readily available. Bricks are less than $0.50 each and can be purchased everywhere. Now we’re the proud owner of 2 dozen bricks. It doesn’t look as nice as I wanted it to. It doesn’t look bad and it works well. We’re all set for winter…. almost.

It seemed that Greg was constantly running out to fill the 30 lb propane tanks. How difficult can it be to get someone to deliver a larger tank? It’s not a house, can’t service because the RV can move, we can service but won’t be able to get to you for a month. I heard it all. Then I found a local company that was more than happy to have us as a customer. Now we’re (finally) all set for winter!

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