RV Life

Thanksgiving and No Oven

I was getting ready to bake chicken for dinner one evening. Everything was ready and I was waiting for the oven to pre-heat. I opened the over to check the temperature and there was a huge fireball at the back where the pilot light is. I quickly shut the door and shut the oven off. I called the RV dealer the following day and explained the problem. Good news – We were 1 day inside of our 30 day propane appliance warranty. Bad news – they couldn’t get anyone out to service it until mid December. I make dinner ever night. How am I going to cook for the next 5 weeks with a stove, crockpot

and microwave?

In several of my RV Facebook groups there have been discussions about something called Instant Pot. It’s supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. It certainly couldn’t hurt to check it out. I don’t have counter space for a toaster oven or counter top oven. After much debating, I ordered an Instant Pot. It arrived in a few days and I couldn’t wait to open it. Then it hit me. It was an electric pressure cooker. I grew up with pressure cookers that were put on the stove. If you screwed up they blew up. So I sat the box in the corner and looked at it for about a week as I was trying to decide if it was staying or being returned. I was running out of things to cook. I opened the box, unpacked the Instant Pot, washed it and put it in the cabinet. While it sat there for a week, dinners were getting worse and Thanksgiving was getting closer. I really needed to suck it up and use that “thing” a few times before I attempted Thanksgiving dinner.

I found a recipe for cinnamon apple pork chops and decided I had to try it. I invited my Mom to come be a guinea pig. They turned out fabulous! A few more dinners and I was (skeptically) ready for turkey with all the fixings and pumpkin pie.

I found a few recipes for time and setting then decided I was making my usual Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was good. Stuffing was a bit soggy. Much to my surprise, the pumpkin pie was wonderful.

If you’d like to try my pumpkin pie recipe, I’ve posted it on the Instant Pot Recipe page.

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