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Making A Home

We survived finding a place to live and moving an entire 1300 sq. ft house in 30 days, the challenges of adapting to a 28′ travel trailer, moving (again) into a 35′ 5th wheel, the challenges of winter and every other problem that came our way. We have our “stuff”, but it just didn’t feel like home. The transformation began a little at a time.

Our bedroom is probably my favorite room. I absolutely loved the curtains in our house bedroom so why not use them here. As much as I hated to do it, the curtains are going to be repurposed. I can’t enjoy them sitting in storage until we eventually buy a house. So with my newly purchased $90 sewing machine from Walmart and a trip to the storage shed to get what I needed, I went to work. It’s probably been 20 years since I touched a sewing machine and I was going to attempt to cut down lined lined, weighted curtains. I carefully measured, cut, pinned and swore every time I stuck myself, which was often. It took a good portion of the weekend, but I had 2 bedside curtains and the front window finished. I didn’t measure as carefully as I thought and it’s a bit difficult to slide them over the rods, but they look nice and they work. I could still see the top of the shade on the big window so it got a custom made valance. Things were starting to come together. I had a matching runner for my dresser that I made years ago so that went on the dresser here. The addition of pillows and shams completed the bedroom. Or so I thought. After looking at it for awhile there was something missing. There wasn’t wall space to add pictures without constantly bumping them. The border I bought a few months back finished the look.

The bathroom is small so it didn’t need much. I’d already decided colors when we used a small burgundy rug from the house bathroom. The house had a Croscill shower curtain so I’ll stick with that theme. Now to find border in the discontinued Townhouse pattern. I picked up bits and pieces here and there. A new shower head so I could rinse my hair, a place for our shampoo where it doesn’t slide off. Living with TP in a cabinet for several months in the first trailer I was thrilled to find a holder that worked in the bathroom.

Part 2 will be the kitchen and living area.

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