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Making A Home – part 2

After several months of adding things here and there, it was finally starting to feel like home. There was still more that needed to be done.

The kitchen was making me crazy. No matter what I did, it just wasn’t workable. I had all of the plates, cups, cookware and storage containers organized. All of the food had a place. Spice racks attached to the inside of a cabinet didn’t work, spices in a container in the cabinet didn’t work. Every night while making dinner I had to stare at the ugly border, valance and bent mini blinds. Even though we had sink covers I could still use more counter space. Kitchens should be pretty. Mine was not. Extra material from the bedroom curtains covered the valance well and the mini blinds were replaced by matching curtains. Greg was out doing errands one day and came home to find that ugly border was replaced by flowers. A vanity tray from Walmart held the dish soap and scrubbies. My spice and counter space dilemmas were solved by Amazon.





(click on the photos to view products on Amazon)



The spice rack fits nicely behind the stove and they’re always convenient. The stove cover may not be the prettiest, but it’s given me the extra counter space I needed. With the addition of a few plants, I had a pretty, functional kitchen.

The living room, dining room and office areas weren’t bad. We removed the recliners at the back and I had a functional office by adding the kitchen table from the house, my filing cabinet and printer, as well as a few organizers and my desk lamp. I could finally work comfortably. Hubby decided that my office could also be music room and promptly claimed a portion of my table. An office chair from Staples completed that area. Since I work from home, that was probably the most important area of the house. 6 months later I’m still trying to find a better home for that guitar amp.

Before winter I decided we need thermal curtains to help keep the heat in. In my infinite wisdom I decided to buy thermal curtains and cut them down to fit. With my limited sewing experience and 10 windows, it was quite an undertaking! I didn’t think I’d ever get them finished. It would have probably been easier to remove the valances, but I don’t always do things that are easy. Greg wasn’t really happy about the argument of hanging rods under the valances. That project was finally completed.

We brought our love seat from the house. It was in perfect condition and we knew it was critter proof. The carpet on the TV slide unfortunately wasn’t. The binding on one side was coming off when we purchased the trailer. It took Daisy 6 months to find it, but she did. And true to puppy form, Daisy just couldn’t resist pulling on it. I turned my back for less than a minute and 2′ of binding left. We had talked about eventually adding an area rug, but weren’t ready to spend the money on it. Daisy turned eventually into immediately. Don’t tell Greg, but I’m glad she did. The rug makes it warmer and more homey. A few placemats and cloth napkins here and there make great covers.

I think my redecorating is complete ….. until I find something else that would look nice or be useful.

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