RV Life

A Four Season Struggle?

We survived our first winter surprisingly well.  A few frozen hoses until we realized we had to drip faucets at night when it was going to be below freezing. Living in a dark hole for several weeks didn’t make me happy, but with sub-freezing temps we had to keep the (thermal) curtains closed to help keep the heat in. The industrial Velcro didn’t hold like it was supposed to so days above freezing were spent replacing the Velcro on the skirting with snaps. Winter was colder than normal, with quite a bit of snow. By mid winter everyone had “houseitosis”, but there wasn’t much we could do about it. The bitter cold and snow made it impossible to take Daisy for her daily walks. We let her play outside as much as we could but it was far from enough. The energetic Beagle pup was getting on everyone’s nerves. The cats were swatting at her just because she was there, she was stealing us blind for something to do. We didn’t think spring would ever arrive.


Mud and hair season (also known as Spring to people that don’t have pets) had finally arrived. Better late than never. The ice and snow were almost gone, which meant the mud made it’s appearance. Days were getting warmer and we we no longer using 100 lbs. of propane every 2 weeks. Daisy’s yard turned into a pond, then to mud when the water drained. She could go for her daily walk again, but the salt left on the road was just one more thing to try to eat. The critters we shedding … oh how they shed. There was constant mud paw prints on the floor and kitty “rats” in the corners. Our little Bissel stick took care of the hard floors and the big vacuum from the house did a great job on the carpet and furniture….. every other day. When you live in a house you just don’t realize the extend of shedding. When you live in roughly 250 sq. ft. you now exactly how much they shed and swear you have twice as many critters. The pond and mud did dry and were replaced by green grass. The shedding slowed down enough to be tolarable. Days were cool and nights were great for sleeping. Life was good.

As we were enjoying our world without daily RV life challenges, summer suddenly reared it’s ugly head.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like summer. I can live without the humidity that living on the East Coast brings, but I enjoy the warmth and all of the outdoor activities of summer. Summer storms with power outages and having to use the (not built in) generator. Storm prep let us know our fresh water tank was missing it’s cap and the entire tank was contaminated. Six straight days of above 90 temps with heat indexes up to 110 gave us the indication of just how well the air conditioner worked. I don’t know what I expected of RV air conditioning, but we did find out it keeps inside 10 – 15 degrees cooler than outside. Although we’re set up for a 2nd unit in the bedroom, it’s not possible when you’re running a 50 amp unit on 30 amps with an adapter.  Time to improvise. A/C on high and 3 small fans strategically placed are doing the trick. Looking forward to the heat breaking so we can spend time outside without melting. Daisy’s new pool is waiting for her to play in it.

Eleven months full time in a 5th wheel and we’re loving it. We enjoy some beautiful sunsets, abundant wildlife and a peaceful area to live in. I get to see my Mom every day and we help her with things she can no longer do. Life really is good.

I’m looking forward to what fall brings ….. challenges and all.

If you’d like to see some of those beautiful sunsets they’re posted at slidingstop.smugmug.com


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