RV Life

Happy One Year

On August 6th we celebrated our first year of full time RV living. When we started this adventure we had absolutely no idea what we were getting into. We needed a place to live and we needed it in less than 30 days. Our first post will give the full story on how we ended up in an RV.

It’s been frustrating and fun, overwhelming and slightly cramped at times. Thru trial and error (sometimes mostly error), Facebook groups, asking a million questions and the internet we survived. A poorly made brand new travel trailer, moving twice, a poop pyramid in the 5th wheel left by the previous owners, our first winter, a bathroom skylight leak, 3 cats and a pup in a 37′ home. Things broke and we fixed them. Some days I wanted to cry, but cowgirled up and kept going. Despite the tight spaces and things that happened we never got mad at each other.

Summer has been either hot or wet and fortunately not as eventful as last year. We spent 2 weeks in July with heat indexes over 100. We found out the hard way that trailer A/C is only meant to keep the inside temp 10-12 below the outside temp. We bought fans, wore shorts and tried to stay cool. Greg was sick for the first 2 weeks of July then ended up in the hospital for gall bladder surgery and then recovery. The heat finally broke only to be followed by a month of rain. Almost 2 feet of it. It’s been the wettest August on record. As we sat listening to the rain beating on the roof for many days and nights I’ve often thought how thankful I’ve been to live in a “raised rancher”.

We’re taking advantage of some decent weather and starting to prepare for winter. Our propane was filled earlier this week. We’ll be replacing more of the Velcro on the skirting with snaps and going over the outside of the trailer for any pre winter repairs.

As summer draws to a close I’m looking forward to cooler, dry days so we can spend more time outdoors and having windows open at night. We celebrated Mom’s 90th birthday a few weeks ago. I’m glad we can be here for her. I enjoy seeing her almost every day and having her over for dinner a few nights a week. She loves Daisy and Daisy loves her.

A situation that could have had disastrous results has turned out well for all. Corn fields, quiet and abundant wildlife. We’ve watched twin fawns grow up and baby birds learn to fly and come to our feeder. We got the rancher on a few acres that we often talked about. Although this really wasn’ exactly what we had in mind, our tiny house has turned into a home we’ve grown to love.


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