RV Life

As Fall Approaches

Another summer draws to an end as fall quickly approaches. Unlike last summer there was no stress of moving an entire house in less than a month, getting used to our “tiny house” and having the critters getting on each other’s nerves because of the confined space. It’s been relaxing and enjoyable. Greg was out of commission for about a little more than a month between being sick, surgery and recovery. Mom’s old tractor broke about the time Greg went into the hospital. Two weeks of rain and no mower sent us out tractor shopping. Temps and rainfall have been far above normal so spending time outside was next to impossible for awhile. I quickly discovered RV air conditioning isn’t like house air conditioning. We bought 3 fans and I learned how and when to do “climate control”. The thermal curtains that were so invaluable during the winter turned out to be just as useful all summer. Despite the weather we did manage to get quite a few things cleaned up around here. One of the neighbors told me the other day Mom’s place is starting to look nice.

Since we no longer have horses to take up weekends, we’ve been enjoying shooting skeet and trap.  We’re enjoying our favorite trails and discovering new trails on mountain bikes. It’s a lot more work on bikes, but we’re able to get out and enjoy the trails again.

Winter prep isn’t the late fall panic of last year when I thought we were going to freeze to death before we have the money to buy supplies. Our home made skirting from Marine Vinyl is holding up very well.  There’s a few areas we still have to replace the velcro with snaps, but there’s time. We also have to put out foam board back under the skirting and buy a plow for our new tractor. Our propane was filled the other day.  I’m looking forward to crisp fall days and chilly nights; spending more time outside with Daisy; shooting and biking, as well as relaxing at our table outside and enjoying the gorgeous view and sunsets.




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