RV Life

Weekends Are Made For Playing

A few of the advantages of living in an RV full time are very little house/yard work and maintenance, which leaves the weekends open for playing.

Our new favorite pastime accidentally turned into hiking with the Beagle. Daisy has been bored with her daily walks and Greg has just about had to drag her. I thought taking her to the park would be something different. Our once in awhile thing is now an every weekend, Saturday and Sunday thing. As much as Daisy hates the car, she’s all set to go hiking. She thinks the mountain bikes can stay home and she can go instead.

For the past few weekends we’ve taken Daisy to different trails where she can get her walk in while she’s exploring.  She’s been learning how to handle various terrain and obstacles. I can’t keep her out of the lake or creeks. Her love for water is so strong you’d think she was a Lab and not a Beagle. She accidentally took her first swim 2 weeks ago when she went farther in the lake and there was nothing under her feet. She loved it.

Upper Montgomery County in PA has several hundred miles of trails, from beginner to “you’ve got to be kidding me” and I think we’re determined to explore every inch of them. We’ve ridden these trails for years on the horses so we’ve very familiar with where to hike and what’s better left for horseback.  It’s great for us to get out and a wonderful stress reliever from my job.

It’s nice to hit the trails again, even if it’s not with horses. Leaves are finally changing so I’ll have plenty of opportunities to add beautiful pictures to my hiking albums.

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