RV Life

Murphy’s Law Applied To RVs

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, there’s always something unexpected that can go wrong. It was a week before Thanksgiving and unusually cold for this time of the year. Highs had been in the 30’s, lows in the mid to low 20’s. Although it was a little chilly when we got up the furnace was running. It shut off at 72, which was unusual. I turned the thermostat up a bit, it clicked but the furnace didn’t kick on. I turned it off, then on. Nothing. No click, no heat.

Greg called the RV dealer and made the half hour trek for parts. I had the electric fireplace and EdenPure on to keep warm. By the time he got back it was snowing. He installed the new thermostat and we had heat. It got up to temperature and turned off.  It got colder and colder, but the heat wouldn’t come on. Greg spent a few hours trying to figure out what was going on while I quickly tried to find a mobile RV repair just in case. They were calling for it to be in the 20s that night and 4-6″ of snow. Nothing seemed to work so I made a phone call. He was willing to drive the hour, but not until the next day. He and Greg went over the thermostat wiring to make sure. It was wired correctly and he suspected the circuit board on the furnace. It’s was going to be a very long night.

With both let rid heaters going I didn’t trust them enough for both of us to go to bed. We were supposed to take 2 hour shifts. Since I had to work the following day I got to sleep first. Went to bed at 10:30 with polar fleece pjs, 3 cats & a dog. It was far too cold to leave Daisy in her crate so she got to sleep loose for the first time in her life. She hopped up in the bed and under the covers. Apparently I refused to wake up at 12:30. Next thing I knew it was 6:30 and time to get up for work. I felt so bad that he was on the sofa all night, not really getting any sleep. The RV mechanic arrived around 9:30. He did a few tests and determined it was the circuit board. We had heat! That was probably the longest 24 hours of my life. We got thru it and nobody froze, regardless of what we thought.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving week. The unusually cold weather continued. Two days of work and five days off. Wednesday was spent doing errands to pick up what I needed for our meal.  We had a very nice Thanksgiving with the traditional turkey 🦃 , stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies, rolls and pumpkin pie 🥧. Once again Mom loved the graham cracker crust on the pie. I hadn’t used the oven since late spring so I wasn’t really happy about having the “scary” oven on for several hours for the first time. Turkey, potatoes and pie were done in the Instant Pot. Mom stayed for awhile and played with Daisy. It was warm and comfortable inside even though it was 29 out with windchills in the teens. Another successful RV Thanksgiving.

We never go anywhere on Black Friday so our only plans were to drive 5 minutes and take Daisy hiking for a few hours. I must have been very tired and slept a bit later than usual. By the time I got up our water was still frozen, the cap that holds the hose for the city water connection was broken and we had no water. Uh oh … we were so tired we must have forgotten to drip the faucets before going to bed. Apparently Greg got the heat gun too close to the connection and plastic ring melted and popped off. I did have a very mad husband. Fortunately we set up coffee and tea the night before. Unfortunately we had a trip to civilization (near several shopping centers) and the RV dealer on Black Friday. The cap wasn’t available by itself, but the dealer did stock the units. Take pictures to make sure we got the right one. I couldn’t think of anything else we needed, but I wanted to go to look around. The $45 part costs quite a bit more than that by the time I was finished “looking around”, but we got several things we needed that we didn’t think of. Off to Home Depot for pipe insulation. We spent the next few hours replacing the water connections and insulating pipes at the house and trailer ends of the heated hose. We also filled the fresh water tank just in case.

I’m starting to seriously think about a house ….


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