RV Life

Another Winter

Here we are, spending another winter in the 5th wheel.  Setting up for winter seemed to be much easier than last year, yet it just doesn’t seem as comfortable as last year. it was so unseasonably warm for quite awhile and regulating the temperature in here got to be a nightmare. Now that it’s colder it’s much more stable.

We had another wonderful RV Christmas. It looked beautiful again. We got another potted tree and I think we got it in the ground fast enough for it to survive. I really enjoyed having Mom spend the entire day with us. At 90, who knows how many more Christmas’ I’ll get to spend with her. We had plenty of food, music and great company. I think I’ll miss Christmas most when we get a house.

I got a nice camera for Christmas. It’s been a long time since I used a real camera so I had a bit of a learning curve. With 3400 acres of lakes, woods and open fields within a 5 minute drive I’ve been taking pictures of what I love … waterfowl, wildlife, sunsets, nature and of course Daisy. I set up a site to showcase those photos. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Daisy has discovered those 3400 acres and is determined to explore every trail. We started hiking the trails on weekends for a treat for her. Regardless of weather, it’s now expected. As much as Daisy hates car rides, weekends roll around and she more than happy to jump in. The horrible trails that you can barely walk are her favorites.

Instead of exploring trails, this weekend has been spent doing winter storm prep. the forecast was 4-8″ of snow followed by freezing rain then rain. After everything stopped we were supposed to get 20-30 mph winds. Tonight it’s supposed to be 5, tomorrow 15. Wind chills will be -20 to -30. Propane and refrigerator are full. We bubble packed with windows and it makes a huge difference. Shades are down, curtains are closed. We’re not going to see the light of day until Wednesday.


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