RV Life

Effects of Nature

Apparently we weren’t supposed to live in a house. Our purchase fell thru when it came to the inspections so our journey continues. I’ve re-learned patients with the little things that annoyed me as we continue with our lives in the 5th wheel.

When you live in an RV full time it’s amazing how closely you pay attention to the weather and how much it can effect our lives. With spring upon us it’s thunderstorm season. I always payed a little closer attention than most because of the horses. We no longer have horses, but I’m more in tune with what’s going on now and what’s in store for the near future.

If the birds and critters disappear, something’s coming. Fill the fresh water tank, make sure you have generator gas, batton down the hatches and see what’s in store. We’ve been getting thunderstorms every few days and everything has been fine …. until last week when it wasn’t.

Last Tuesday evening I was almost finished cooking dinner when the electric went out. It came back and went out again. I reported the outage to the electric company. Estimated time was 2 hours. Fire up the generator and we’re good to go. Mom was alright and didn’t see a need to come over. Our little Champion generator proved to be worth its weight in gold again. Two days later the electric came back on.

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