RV Life

2 Years And 6 Days

Since I’ve had a real shower in a real house. I was looking for the water shutoff until I remembered I didn’t need to. I could leave the water run and stay in as long as I wanted. I never wanted to get out.

For 2 years and 6 days the six of us lived full time, stationary in about 250 sq ft of space. Our Beagle was just a pup when we moved in. She and the three cats adjusted well to our tiny home. It had its ups and downs, life was easy at times and hard others. We took a leap of faith into an unknown world to keep our family together and it worked out well. I enjoyed spending so much time with my Mom and she appreciated all the help we gave her.

Now it’s time to move on. We moved into our new house on Aug 13th. It has 4 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths and 2 floors. I keep getting turned around. Greg and I constantly loose each other. The animals love it. We put Daisy’s portable pen around the patio so she has a place to be loose outside. Her real fence should be installed in about a month. She’ll have a good sized yard to play in.

Mom was supposed to live with us and at the last minute refused. She’s only 8 minutes away so we can still be there when she needs us. Greg gets double lawn duty every week.

We’re looking forward to our new adventure and getting adjusted to living in a house. I do miss the soft rain on the bedroom slide as I’m going to sleep.


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