RV Life

No Longer Accidental?

You would think after living in an RV for 2 years we’d never want to see another one. We really don’t and cringed at the thought of it, however ….. The Outback was proving hard to sell. It was huge! At almost 37′ & 10,000 lbs. dry weight, it would be like dragging a tractor trailer box around. Although the truck was fully capable, neither one of us wanted to attempt it. The most we’ve done is 21′ & 7,000 lbs of horse trailer. If we were going to have to make a payment it may as well be on something useful or easier to sell. We traded the beast in for a brand new Keystone Passport. It’s smaller SUV friendly and much easier to deal with. It could live in our driveway instead of Mom’s. I couldn’t force us going to campgrounds and using it. We live in a rural area and are surrounded by 3,000 acres of trails and wilderness.

We took delivery of the Passport, I took pictures and immediately put it up for sale. Then I had a thought. I’ve gotten back into photography since I got a good camera last Christmas. I love to photograph waterfowl, primarily ducks. Although we have plenty here, I’m getting tired of being local.  We could use the Passport for weekend trips for my photography. We could also go some of the places we’ve talked about, but because of airfare and hotel prices being ridiculous, have been cost prohibitive. The thought of spending more time in an RV didn’t make Greg’s day, but he agreed.

I took down the sale ads and loaded her with all the things from the Outback that we’d need. I named her Puddle-jumper since she’ll be used to find puddle ducks and she’s so little compared to what we’re use to. I started decorating in a waterfowl theme with some of the photos I took.

You’ll be able to read about the adventures of Puddle-jumper here and see the photos on our website.


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