Ready To Roll

Earlier this month I took a weeks vacation. Since our county is on lockdown because of covid19 we really couldn’t go anywhere. We worked on the flower beds and got them ready for planting. I did some things around the house that I didn’t have a chance to do.

During the week we had an appointment with the dealer to de-winterize and install roof vent covers. We had to cancel because of hitch issues that couldn’t be resolved easily. I had the brilliant idea of doing it myself! Of course I had no clue what I was doing. A few YouTube videos later and a call to the dealer to find out where the hot water heater was and I was ready, or so I thought. I proceeded to run faucets, one at a time until pink stuff stopped coming out. Ran outside and did the low point drain. Hot water next. I took the dinette apart, opened up the middle compartment to find the hot water heater, but no bypass. There was supposed to be a 3rd tube and valve. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Another call to the dealer, texted a picture and wait. After an hour I got tired of waiting so I started digging around. Greg started looking. We finally found a little tag that was turned sideways with directions to un-bypass. Greg turned the valve and we heard water flow. When it stopped I made sure the heater was full, turned it on and finished running antifreeze out of the hot water lines. Finished!

Looking around I notice pink splattered all over both sinks and the bathtub. It wasn’t rinsing off. More to do than I bargained for. I poured fresh water tank sanitizer in, filled it with water and rocked the trailer. As it was draining I decided to clean. 4 hours later it was dusted, vacuumed and scrubbed. Everything was spotless. The fresh water tank still need another fill and drain. While it was draining I decided to stock some essentials – cookware, silverware, coffee pot, tea kettle, towels, bedding. Trip after trip from the house, it now had most of the basics in clean storage containers under the dinette benches. A full 8 hours and it’s ready to go. The new mattress is supposed to arrive today.

Let the adventures begin!

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